Motion se hai emotion


"Motion se hai emotion" “इन्सान का इमोशन उसके मोशन से जुड़ा हुआ है (A man’s

Motion se hai emotion2020-11-06T10:32:57+05:30

Getting back to work


"Getting back to work" I don’t have any memory of the road accident that gave

Getting back to work2020-11-06T10:35:52+05:30

Meri wali Maggi


"Meri wali Maggi" Talking about food in my previous post, reminded me of this cool

Meri wali Maggi2020-11-06T10:36:23+05:30

My tryst with food


"My tryst with food" Food. Need I say more? No food, good for slimming down

My tryst with food2020-11-06T10:36:47+05:30
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